Invitation: Embark on an intuitive art journey to refresh, recharge, and express yourself, achieving results you'll truly love.

About The Artist


Dawn Burn, an Artist with a Masters Degree in Visual Art, courageously transitioned from a teaching career in 2020 to pursue her lifelong passion for expressing herself through Art. Since then, she has fully embraced her creativity, combining her love for art, children's books, and education.  Dawn recently achieved a milestone as a published illustrator: Aldo Renaldo and the Renegade Alphabet, Las Vegas: Histria Kids, 2023. Writer, George Johnson. Illustrator, Dawn Burn.

Dawn's self-reflective journey led her back to her hometown on Vancouver Island after many years, where the parts of experience became whole understanding.

Holistic Understanding: True creative fulfillment comes from integrating experiences for personal wellbeing and authentic self-expression. This integration flows between:

  1. Feeling: Embodying experiences as a source of information.
  2. Sensing: Intuitively interpreting information.
  3. Thinking: Using cognitive functions to synthesize information into action, order, choices, or responses.

This is a process of finetuning feeling, sensing, and thinking for

clarity of personal direction

clearing by recognizing and releasing old mindsets that no longer serve your present direction, and

creating from a feeling of what's possible now. Dawn transitioned from feeling stuck to discovering her unique creative process, which was patiently awaiting her embrace - and you can experience this journey too!

Dawn's pursuit of high coaching standards stemmed from her desire to understand her inner process for tuning in creative connection for best results. This journey revealed unexpected insights and paved a unique path for her artistic expression.

In response to an AI driven world, Dawn Burn champions "IA": Intuitive Art, tapping into inner awareness for truly inspired results.

Awaken your dormant powers. Women, join us for a transformative creativity weekend retreat, on Vancouver Island!

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