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Dawn Burn

Coaching Fulfilment


I have learned in my lifelong connection to art, life and then coaching, that creating connection is making life meaningFULLY fulfilling. This is your time to create!

The benefits of working with me:
Connect to the insights, and personal practices that integrate what serves you now.
Release the holding patterns in your life to create your version of freedom.
Allow what's possible in the service of your personal fulfillment.
Integrate your sustainable practices for value based alignment in your life.
Freedom: Free yourself from fearFULL conditioned thoughts in its many forms: Reactivity, people pleasing, resistance, self-doubt... negatively affecting your relationship with self and others, at home, and at work.

"My 45 minutes with you, unlocked creativity, forward movement, and freedom, and I look forward to more!  You are an insightful and compassionate coach, Dawn!"  - Jasmine, British Columbia, Canada

"Dawn is a supportive coach who is adept at sensing emotions and thoughts that are below the surface and helping to uncover them. She helped me significantly reduce the stress I was feeling due to some professional challenges I was facing and I would highly recommend working with her." - Joe, Nebraska, USA

It's all about you. Meeting your goal is the measure of each session's success.



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Meet Dawn
Returning to Roots 2

Returning to Roots

I grew up in Nanaimo, on Vancouver Island, and returned to those roots in 2020.  My life has been about turning change into opportunity, and engaging intuition for best results.  Those are the strengths from which I paint, coach, and live.

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I offer coaching that engages individuals and groups in creating their own vision for what's possible, enriching, and fulfilling.