Persephone. Completed March 2023, this painting has one of my previous paintings within it integrating the best awarenesses of the past in a renewed present. Acrylic on canvas. Circumference: 41 inches SOLD. (More on developing the history of your marks at the retreat!)


Note From the Past Four Years 2020 – 2024: Start with clear intention, take initial steps towards it, and adapt as situations evolve. Stay committed or adjust based on your own judgment and the context at hand. More on the power and practice of setting your value based Intention at the retreat!



The Road Between. Where I have lived (from Belize to British Columbia), informs me. Acrylic on canvas 20″x 20″SOLD.

Note from the past three months April – June 2024: When oppportunities abound, organize your thoughts objectively. Prioritize based on your interests. Once you establish an order, focus on the first idea.  Break it down into manageable parts and nurture it with your creativity, your value based focus, and clarity of mind. More on identifying what you value at the retreat!

(Circular canvas, SOLD).

Present Thought June 2024: When integrating past creativity with present creativity, bring forward the foundation of past work/experience that aligns with your current best intentions.  Your focus shapes the results you achieve. Art integrates a history of marks that resonate with us in the present moment,.

Freedom Feels Like...Acrylic on canvas This is another painting that I consider a composite experience, that integrates past experience for present growth. There is a history of marks beneath its surface as a foundation. Then, I continued to live my life, process my feeling experience of it, and return to painting without an expectation, but honest expression of where I am now. trusting, allowing, and noticing what is possible now. That is the creative process that informs my work. Contact if interested.
Freedom Feels Like…  This is another composite experience, that integrates past experience for present growth. There is a history of marks beneath its surface as a foundation. That is the creative process that informs my work. Acrylic on canvas. 18″ x 24″ x 1 1/2″ Contact if interested.


Where am I now? This spring to summer 2024, was creatively abundant.  I wanted to do it all, but with balance for wellbeing in mind.  1. I set aside time when needed, to sit down in a comfy spot, with a warm “cuppa” comfort (coffee/tea/cocoa), and my large portable artist clip board away from distractions to release all my thoughts out of my head and onto poster paper.  It’s a “brain dump,” so the messier the better (the internal editor is off!).  This clears overflowing short term memory to welcome creativity. 2. I am instantly relieved and efficiently sorting those amazing projects in priority order.  3. I focus one project at a time, breaking the first into manageable parts. 4. The result is an outline of steps, a place to start, and inspired momentum for take off.

That works for me every time.  (More on establishing your own creative practice at the retreat!) In three months I submitted designs to a fabric company, illustrated two children’s picture books for an author, wrote and illustrated my first picture book, submitted one book (in collaboration with its author), to the publisher, and the other two to illustration competitions internationally, prepared a creative writing workshop, and began preparing for a major up coming exhibition, after successfully making it through the jury selection process in March, all the while gathering thoughts and experiences on the side to prepare the launch of my Intuitive Artistry Women’s Retreat.

My biggest awareness that has served my creative growth over the years has been paying attention to how feeling informs function (our nervous system!). Our decisions first start as feeling.  I recognize with that work of building intuitive awareness, that my capacity to address all that I have achieved is made possible by my capacity to respond effectively to what I feel when I feel it stretching me out of my comfort zone.

(A deep dive into these skills, tools and practices for Addressing Overwhelm, Working With Abundance, and Preparing for Success and more, awaits you at the retreat, with experiential hands on creativity!) This is not your average retreat. Its value grows with you!



The Feeling Forest. This Painting had a journey of a year. I did not expect that at the time. A year later almost to the day (my birthday), I was curious about the stronger pull to see what else was possible for a greater lived experience. The colour changed. The feeling changed. The marks found clarity, and a new way of being on the canvas and as lived experience. Acrylic on canvas, 20″x 20″ (More on Setting Intention for creative experiencing, and working with feeling as information, for aligned choice, and clarity of direction at the retreat!)




Can you relate to Aldo, below (original illustration from my work this spring)? Finding time to pause is essential for creative renewal.  I do so twice a year (along with the daily checkins), when my body feels it is time to reflect on where I have been and how I am at present. This time to pause also prepares me for where my compass points me now. Pausing is celebrating, acknowledging, integrating experience, being still, moving slower, resting, enjoying, being present to feel and nourish the body, the mind, and the essential part of you, call it what you will, that knows you are experiencing what serves your wellbeing, in a way that is true for you.

(More on the Purpose and the Practice of the Pause, at the retreat)


Intrigued?!! Join us at the Vancouver Island Intuitive Artistry Women’s Fall Retreat, 2024.  See you there!


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